A Blessed Christmas to Cassie and the girls !#FreeMissingTwins #PressStatement17

WE take this opportunity to wish Cassie and the twins Isabella and Bronte Watter a Blessed Christmas and wish for them all they wish themselves in the New Year .

We pray the good Lord brings to an end the horror brought upon them whilst  in the custody of their paedophile father !

We pray the good Lord continues to keep the three of them  safe  .

We pray the corruption and cover ups by the police , child protection , politicians and the judiciary are finally exposed !

We pray that justice is seen to be done and that there is a RE INVESTIGATION into this case !

We pray the grandparents get to see their daughter and grandchildren in the New Year !

Cassie , we will continue to be a voice for you and the children for as long as it takes to bring justice and safety to the three of you !


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