Letter of Offer to Australian Government and Federal Police via #WikiDetectives

Dear Readers

We are writing this letter with regards to our concerns for the safety of the two missing Watter Twins and their mother Cassie Watter .

WikiDetectives is receiving a great deal of evidence relating to this case which we are authenticating .

This campaign will continue to be released on Facebook ,  Twitter , Google and is also available on our website .

Our campaign continues on Malcolm Turnbull’s Facebook and Twitter account .

We will continue to tag the Federal Police Facebook Account .

Child Services will be personally emailed on their nsw.gov web site .

We will also include the Channel 9 A CURRENT AFFAIR SHOW with all our evidence and posts as they have prior knowledge of this case .

The father Michael Watter has threatened Timothy Holt , Wiki Staff , and Wiki Supporters on Facebook , and via personal threats to  personal mobile telephone numbers .

We encourage you , your government departments AND the Federal Police to contact the Chairman Timothy Holt on 1800 UNSEEN so that we may bring this matter to a conclusion .


Timothy Holt
Wiki Detectives Pty Ltd

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