MICHAEL WATTER we have 11 , yes 11 more videos to be viewed !! Be afraid , be very afraid ! #FreeMissingTwins #PressStatement19


Press Statement 18

MICHAEL WATTER , some VERY kind , concerned HONEST individual in a government department hasĀ  sent to us a further ELEVEN interviews which will shock , horrify , and disgust even your most ardent supporters and enablers ! Yes MICHAEL , ELEVEN more videos that will open eyes and ears .

We will publish these interviews shortly and no doubt you will await them with bated breath ! Please do not hold your breath as we want you alive to go to the place we so strongly believe you belong !

The only delay in publishing them will come from the experts we have reviewing the videos as they will add their comments based on their expertise in dealing with all paedophile related matters !

You won’t be the only one holding your breath . We know a few policemen , child protection individuals and certain politicians who will be joining you !

Help us clarify the leaks we are leasing, so we can discover which are significant and which are not. You may securely and anonymously submit information via WikiLeaks

WikiDetecives will prioritize the list based on the available information and seek to ascertain the leading candidates directly, through the legal system, or indirectly through our network of journalists, intelligence sources, volunteers and readers. If you email us (editor@wikidetectives.com.au) we will alert you when the record has been obtained.

The current order reflects the order of submission and is unlikely to be related to the final order. If you personally need help, press the RED SUPPORT BUTTON on Left side or click our toll-free number now 1800UNSEEN to connect to a Australian Cyber Detective Hotline.


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