Our page was hacked . Thank you Michael Watter and Government Departments ! #Leak84 #WikiDetectives


We find the fact that our web page was hacked quite damning and a clear indication  there is a great deal to still be uncovered  where MICHAEL WATTER and the relevant authorities are concerned . Why do you think this would have happened Mr. MALCOLM TURNBULL ? Why do you think this would have happened Mr. GEORGE BRANDIS ? 

We also find the fact that You Tube has blocked the viewing of the interviews of the children due to a ” legal complaint ” to be indicative of cover ups and corruption at the highest level ! What do you think Queensland Police Commissioner IAN STEWART ?

There is a ” DEAFENING SILENCE ” at the highest level !

As they say in the classics ” THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS OUT ” which is why we are here !

We are a voice for the children . We are a voice for the mother . 

No longer will MICHAEL WATTER get away with his lies and deceit !! No longer will he get away with his arrogance ! 

No longer will we allow corruption and cover ups at the highest level to continue .

We are republishing the brief of evidence below  . We have since refined it and tidied it up for presentation to the authorities but this presentation is in original format . The videos may be hidden from You Tube but they are NOT hidden in the presentation . The evidence is clear and concise .

The interesting part of the amended brief is a list of those news agencies and parliamentarians who have expressed concern and interest in what has happened and is happening and who have contacted us . What is of even more interest where members of parliament and senators are concerned , are the names of those who have not contacted us , which we will deal with going forward and make public ! In addition to this we will also make public a list of officials who have gone out of their way to prevent us publishing the facts !

Leading Cyber Investigator Final Facts and Statement

Since #WikiDetectives begun this investigation 6 months ago our research has found that the father ( MICHAEL WATTER ) is guilty of the claims by two girls and their mother .

Please review the #WikiDetectives evidence reports, and if you would like original footage or documents please call 1800-UNSEEN

Please review the footage of the missing twins claims ( you will be unable to view this footage for now but will be able to view in a different format soon )



















Summary – Corruption and Cover Ups !

1. Police failed to investigate allegations of child sexual abuse and operated at the outset from the premise that the mother had trained the children to make false reports .

2. The children sought help from 12 people — NONE of them were interviewed .

3. The mother only had supervised contact with her children and yet police accused her of “training “ them to make the reports .

4. Detective Sgt David Miles and Officer Michelle Faint bullied the mother , told her that the father had never abused the children and never would ( an assurance that no responsible professional would ever give ) .

5. They acted as quasi-psychologists and threatened to charge the mother (who was director of a paediatric health centre)  with an undisclosed offence if she examined her daughters genitals.

6.  Miles said that police would never investigate any further disclosures of abuse , as a result of which the father would know that that he could do whatever he liked and police would not intervene .

7. Detective Miles ordered the mother to respond to future allegations of abuse by telling the children that it was ‘just a dream ‘.

8. It was later revealed that the idea of the dream came from police , not the child and , furthermore , both of the twins disclosed sexual abuse

9. Prof . Freda Briggs lodged formal complaint with Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission  . The complaint was accepted . Prof . Freda Briggs concerned that a Brisbane Police Inspector , Craig Weatherly was appointed to investigate my complaint against fellow police  . Concern expressed that the inspector was unlikely to have the expertise to judge the developmentally inappropriate language that was used when interviewing children of this age .

10. Cassie Watter contacted Prof . Freda Briggs with the news that one of her children had a sexually transmitted infection which the father had previously passed onto her . She also found that one of the girls had a damaged and bleeding anus which was reported to Brisbane Inspector Weatherly . His response to Briggs was that he was trying to arrange mediation for the mother and Detective Miles while admitting that this was unlikely to be successful .

11. A year later Detective Miles was found to be still responsible for child protection as he was the spokesperson responding to media when the mother and children disappeared .

12. Letter sent to Premier in 2014 by Briggs pointing out fact that the following had been reported to the Crime and misconduct commission –  very serious complaints against Townsville Police Det Sgt David Miles , Michelle Faint and the child safety officer who ignored the children’s disclosures of sexual abuse by their father , bullied them and their mother and left the  5 year old children alone in a room for an hour .. all of this captured on CCTV . NO action was taken .

13. The police ( illegally ) banned the mother from making further reports of abuse ( ignoring Briggs’ reports ) threatened to arrest the mother for examining her daughter’s genitals and ignored a sexually transmitted infection and torn anus , reporting abuse by the father and his influential friends to 12 witnesses who were never interviewed .

14. The relationship between police and the father is such that the father received a copy of Briggs’ complaint ( which was not about him ) , put it on the internet and wrote offensive emails to Briggs .

15. Briggs met the police officer responsible for the inquiry and he said that his report was completed at the end of 2013 . It has disappeared .

16. The Commissioner of CCC said that he would trace it and contact Briggs . That did not happen .

17. The Minister for children refused to see Briggs on the grounds of ‘privacy ‘.

18. Briggs informed by a reliable source that the Minister proclaims that ‘ the father is innocent ‘ and the mother is mentally ill .

19. Briggs said she wished to discuss her complaint , not the case in question . The Minister refused .

20. There were 93 reports written by 13 contact supervisors :-  Rae Greaves , Lynette Bartlett , R.M Bartled , Rhonda Lane , Hollie Malardi , Virginia Hall , Maureen Land , Mathew Morrison ,Wendy Williams , Wendy Willcox , Alex Dronysius , Karin Carmichael ,  Norm Land .

21. The children made frequent disclosures of sexual abuse by their father to thirteen different people :- Their mother , Their maternal grandmother , Family friend Patricia Plasted , Family friend Desiree Taylor , Psychologist Caroline Seri , GP Dr.Rebecca McGoweng ,Occupational therapist Lucy Dall-Albah , Family friend Christine Young and the following independent supervisors  , Lynette Bartlett ,Rhonda Lane , Rae Greaves , Virginia Hallm and  Hollie Mallardi . NO interviews conducted !

22. Disclosures included :-

  1. The father rubbing his penis against the vaginas of the 5 year old twins and making them sore
  2. The father ”playing “with his penis
  3. His penis went stiff when the child had to play with it
  4. The father telling the children that the game was a secret
  5. The father telling the children that police cannot be trusted
  6. The father being angry because the children had reported being abused

22. A serious concern is that neither police nor child safety officers charged with investigating this case appear to have read or taken account of the reports of the thirteen named people . It is especially a concern that they ignored the reports made by professionals such as psychologist Caroline Seri who , a former employee of the Child Safety Department , thought the evidence sufficiently serious to report child sexual abuse to the authorities . She sent a copy of a child’s sexually explicit drawing with the child’s statement that daddy placed his penis between her legs .

23.  Police and safety officers also appear to have ignored the report of psychiatrist Dr. Satish Karunakaran (27.10.2012) who says quite clearly that

a. “ the father had custody of the children for more than 95% of the time and it seems strange to me that the Department is pointing the finger at Catherine ( the mother ) for her children’s abnormal behaviour given that she has had relatively little time with the children “ . The mother’s contact with the children had been supervised by independent supervisors and her behaviour was critiqued and reported .

b. “the notion that Catherine’s obsession with the matter ( i.e. sexual abuse by the father ) and repeated inspections and questioning of the children may have caused her children’s sexualised behaviours is unlikely . Moreover such questioning and inspections are unlikely to result in the observed behaviours “.

The psychiatrist also criticised the Department of Child Safety for failing to provide an assessment of the children by a specialist child psychiatrist .

24. Police with the child safety officer attempted to put themselves in the role of psychologists to justify their support of the father’s innocence and the mother’s guilt and their statements and explanations are garbled and bizarre .They said that the children make disclosures of abuse because their mother provides comfort . There is no evidence of this in the supervisor’s detailed reports on her parental behaviour .The mother and children enjoy a mutually affectionate relationship but, when disclosures were made , the mother distracted them . At the taped meeting with police and the child safety officer , the mother is condemned for distracting them saying that she should have questioned them further ; at the same time , they illogically claimed that her questioning of the children ( for which there is no evidence in the reports made by the contact supervisors ) caused emotional damage which , in turn , resulted in problematic sexual behaviours and repeated disclosures .

25. The children persisted in making disclosures of abuse because the trusted adults who received them were unable to stop the behaviour they complained of .When something is very worrying to young children they will persist in repeating their complaint to try to convince trusted adults that they need help . The fact that no-one stopped the unwanted and worrying behaviour would have led to the children’s persistence in making reports .

26.Why have Child Safety and CPIU officers refused to interview or accept reports from the court approved supervisors ?

27. Why have the supervisor’s reports of disclosures of sexual abuse by the father Michael Watter to the girls been forwarded to the Independent Children’s lawyer and then sent onwards directly to the father ? This then gave the paedophile father Michael Watter the opportunity to persecute the girls for what they had been saying and ALSO allow him to coach them on what to say and what not to say !

28. Has the I.C.L interviewed the supervisors with regard to the girls disclosures ?

29. Has the I.C.L. ( Independent Children’s Lawyer ( so called Independent ) interviewed anyone on behalf of the children she was supposedly representing ?

30. Michael Watter did NOT agree to take the girls to doctors even when advised by the supervisors that they needed to be seen by a doctor . He also would NOT allow the girls any counselling with a Child Psychologist when he had custody of them even though they had been separated from their mother the primary care giver most of their lives .

31. There is further correspondence from Freda Briggs to Craig Weatherly informing him she had been abused by the paedophile father Michael Watter on the telephone when she hadn’t given him the telephone number . Freda asked if the police had given him her number ? Craig Weatherly was also informed that she ( Freda ) had lodged a formal complaint with the police 16 months prior to this to which there had been no response or answer as usual ! Freda informed him that she was told the report on the abuse of the child should have been published that November and as of July the following year nothing had been done !

32. Craig Weatherly was also asked at the same time why a copy of Freda’s complaint to the Crime and Misconduct Commission ( the complaint being about the behaviour of the police ) had been given to the paedophile father Michael Watter by the police ?

33. There were three break ins at Cassie’s work and home and the only items taken were the children’s medical records , legal papers relating to the case and Cassie’s achievement awards — why don’t you ask Craig Weatherly how they are proceeding with their investigations on this matter !

34. Why were there no support people allowed for the children when they were interviewed !

35. Judge John Coker removed the children from Cassie and gave them over to Michael KNOWING that there was a Domestic Violence Order in place to protect the children and Cassie from Michael .

36. The police doing the interview tell the children that they may say what they like in the interview room and they would not be punished for anything they said and the police did not take into account the fact ( or perhaps they did ) that the children might have been punished later after going home to their father .

37. There was no Child Safety person with Isabella when she was interviewed .

38. Supervisors reported that the girls said that their Daddy had said that if they tell the police about their “secret “game that they would be taken away from Mummy and Daddy .

39. The police have used details from the supervisor’s reports to question the girls and yet the supervisors were not interviewed so they could give their side or explain their notes .

40. The children had sexually transmitted vaginal infections and one of them had a bleeding anus ! So where do you think these injuries came from ?

41. Bronte disclosed to LUCY DALL ‘ ALBA the occupational therapist that Michael Watter rubbed her vagina through her pyjamas !

42. Isabella disclosed to Patricia Plaistead and the mother , asking that they ask the father Michael Watter , to PLEASE STOP playing with her private parts when he collects her !

43. Isabella disclosed to Carolyn Seri the psychiatrist by drawing a picture of Isabella and her father with genitals and said he ( Michael Watter ) rubs her down there with his genitals and that it was just pretend !

44. Bronte disclosed to Christine Young that Daddy tickled her on the front of her bottom whilst she was not wearing pants —called him “naughty Daddy “

45. Bronte again disclosed to Christine that Michael tickled them on their vaginas although Michael said he would not touch their private parts anymore .

46. Bronte disclosed to Christine that the father Michael Watter told them ( the twins ) that he would get into big trouble if the girls told anyone all the naughty things he had done . Cassie asked what the naughty things were and was told by Bronte that Michael tickled their Tooshkas on lots of different days in bed or on the couch and the toilet . Isabella said he would take the covers off her to enable him to tickle her vagina .

47. Bronte drew a picture of herself sitting on the toilet with Michael next to her and said Michael tickled her Tooshka whilst on the toilet . Cassie asked her if he was just wiping her bottom to which she responded that sometimes he did but sometimes he did naughty stuff !

48. They called their father a “Baboon tickling tooshka super hero “ because he is a baboon and he tickles their tooshkas on the couch and bed and Isabella said that is what a baboon tickling tooshka super hero does !

49. Bronte was crying and disclosed to the mother her vagina and bottom were sore and when the mother called the grandmother , Heather Doubleday , further disclosed that Isabella refused to play with Michael’s private parts . Bronte locked herself and Isabella in the bedroom to be safe from Michael . She further stated that they were playing the tickling tooshka game and that when they did that the father was no longer angry and laughed and laughed !

50. Isabella stated “Daddy tickled my vagina again today Mum “ Said he had made Bronte go rest in her room and then took her to his room and then tickled her under the arms , on her nipples and then her tummy and vagina . She asked him to stop but he didn’t .He asked her to play with his penis and she said no so he played with it himself . Isabella ended the conversation by saying she was telling the truth and then soiled her swimmers !!

51.Isabella told her mother AGAIN that the father makes her take her pants off so that he can play with her vagina . Said he makes her do it when Bronte is in the other room and she wasn’t to tell Daddy as he would get angry with her .

52. Isabella disclosed that Michael Watter had made her tooshkla sore again and she soiled her swimmers again . In the bathroom she showed her mother where he hurt her and the vagina was red and raw ! When Cassie asked if she could put cream on it she said know as she was scared as Michael would know and would be angry . Bronte lay down as well and pointed to her clitoris and said “this is where he plays with me and it doesn’t hurt see “

53. Bronte disclosed to the mother and Desiree Taylor that daddy had said not to talk to the police because they were not her friends and Isabella said that when Daddy played with her private parts his would stand up ! She said he had a video of it on his phone .

54.Isabella told the mother and Rae Greaves ( supervisor ) that Daddy used to play with hers and Bronte’s vaginas but did not any longer . Rae Greaves asked Isabella again if this was correct and she said YES using sign language .

55. Isabella disclosed to the mother and Virginia Hall (supervisor) that when she played with Daddy’s penis that it stands up and is scary !

56. Isabella stated in front of Rae Greaves ( supervisor )that Daddy still played with her vagina and that if she told he gets very angry with her 

57. Isabella stated to Cassie and Rae Greaves that Daddy will still not tell the truth and that he still plays the rude game and that he told them to say it was Cassie but that was a lie !

58. Bronte told Virginia Hall and Cassie that they had to play with Daddy’s private parts again .

59. Isabella said to Virginia and Cassie that Bronte still goes to Daddy’s room to play with his private parts .

60. Interesting that only ONE supervisor out of all the people that the children disclosed to has ever been interviewed !

61. There was an admission by the Queensland Police Service that previous interviews were not conducted in accordance to the Queensland Police Service requirements , to the extent that two senior officers were required to undergo re-training . The poor original interviews of the children may have led to a miscarriage of justice or at least to circumstances where the courts were not provided with the true facts of this case

62. Note the psychologist’s ( Seri ) recommendation that the children remain with the mother ! THEN ALSO NOTE the fact that the judge totally ignored this recommendation and placed the children with their paedophile father !

63. Letter to Inspector C. Scanlon- NO reply

64. Child disclosure of sexual abuse reported to two doctors ! Neither interviewed ! WHY would that be do you think ?

65. Child Safety gathered NO evidence from the witnesses that the allegations of sexual abuse were made!

66. ELEVEN further notifications of sexual abuse were made against Michael Watter by the children whilst he had full custody  

67. Michael Watter was able to access Legal Aid whilst earning a salary of $80 000 . 00 plus benefits . Is this not fraud ?

68. The mother was unable to access Legal Aid whilst being forced into insolvency trying to protect her children !

69.  Dallas Grant a previous employee of the Child Safety Department was commenting on Michael Watter’s “ Help Find Isabella and Bronte Watter’s page “ shows no bias does it ?

70.  Cassie had visited and been assessed by 2 Psychiatrists and 4 Psychologists with all of them clearing her of any mental disorder !

71. A Sitting State Member ( who wished to remain anonymous ) stated that Michael Watter’s   UNCLE —  Mark McArdle MP Member for Caloundra (LNP) , would not want to be known to be publicly involved in any way with the case as it would tarnish his reputation !

72. One would have to ask if this man’s position in any way enabled Michael Watter on a salary of $80000 plus a year to utilise the taxpayer to fund his lies and deceit ?

73. Michael Watter posted a copy of the court ruling on his page in spite of Section 121 of the Family Law Act and has never been charged !

74.  Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart ‘ s Twitter account has been used to comment and communicate with Michael Watter on this is nothing short of a disgrace – to the extent that Senator David Leyonhjelm picked up on it , criticised the Commissioner and suggested the Commissioner should resign

75. Michael Watter gave his child a sexually transmitted disease !

76. “ Sgt. Miles is a liar or imcompetent or an incompetent liar “ ( Freda Briggs )

77. Police Commissioner Ian Stewart — How can someone who professes to be a professional policeman MAKE A JUDGEMENT on a case where he admits to :-

  • NOT having viewed tapes of a police interview between one of his officers , child safety and the mother ?
  • NOT viewed the interview between the children and the the police ,child safety ?
  • REFUSES to accept the analysis by a qualified individual of the interview , said interview not having been watched by himself ?
  • NOT having read any of the supervisor’s reports of abuse by the father ?
  • NOT having viewed ANY of the other police and child safety interviews of the girls ?
  • What an abject display of ignorance by this so called leader Ian Stewart !
  • The fact that a child , has a sexually transmitted infection and a bleeding anus is of NO concern to Stewart
  • The Minister for Child Safety Hon Shannon Fentiman MP and Michael Hogan the Director General of  Communities ( including Child Safety )  promise to do something and then do nothing to fulfil their promises . Indicative of all that is wrong with the child protection system !

78. http://wikidetectives.com.au/twins/we-are-waiting-mr-turnbull-leak73-wikidetectives/

79. Mr. Turnbull, we have in our possession a letter which states that both of the girls spoke “ about gunk coming out of their vaginas  “   and the fact that one had blood coming out of her anus !!!!!

80. Why have the Heilbronns ( a family of known drug dealers ) have so much pull and say with the police and child safety ?

81. Just so there are no misunderstandings — so far in this case we have :-

  • Gross inefficiency and bias of Det. Sgt. David Miles !
  • Gross inefficiency and bias of Officer Michelle Feint !
  • Gross inefficiency and bias of Child Protection Officer Merle McNulty !
  • Gross inefficiency , bias and bullying by Child Safety Officer Gaynor Williams !
  • Complete and utter negligence AND bullying by Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart ! An incompetent officer who had read nothing to do with the case back then , watched none of the interviews , hasn’t queried his officers as to why none of the parties the child sexual abuse was disclosed to had  been interviewed and yet had the cheek to determine the findings and to question the veracity of the grandparents , professionals and the like !
  • Inspector Craig Weatherley gets an honourable mention
  • Obvious negligence by the Minister for Child Safety Hon. Shannon Fentiman MP !
  • Obvious negligence by the North Queensland Director for Communities , Sandra Moore ( took over from Lupi ) !
  • Obvious negligence displayed by the Regional Director of Child Safety Nicola Jeffers !
  • Obvious negligence displayed by the Regional Director Communities , Matthew Lupi !
  • The Crime and Misconduct Commission have done nothing to extol their own virtues have they ? A misnomer if ever there was one !
  • The Commission for Child and and Young People and Guardians – interesting title as we see nothing from them as to what they have done to protect the little girls !
  • Continuous cover ups by all !
  • To say nothing about personal involvement of the uncle  Mark McArdle MP

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