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Professor Freda Briggs

A few extracts from the link.
CEOs and even ministers of child protection services have often expressed the belief that state police and child protection services are not allowed to investigate disclosures of abuse if there is a Family Court case involved unless “it is a matter of life and death”. Even when a South Australian child was the sole carer of a father with 2 convictions for child sex offences, violence and was dying of AIDS, the department said it could not intervene. Children’s Commissioners say that this widespread belief is false.

Unsubstantiated might mean that the abuser threatened the child into silence and s/he was too afraid to reveal all to complete strangers. It might also mean that the accused parent had residence of the child and was the one responsible for taking the child for assessment.

Child sex offenders are masters of manipulation. They not only groom the child, they groom all those responsible for the child’s safety. The labelling of the mother as mad or bad might mean that the abuser groomed and charmed the police, social workers and even the judge.

I know mothers who have paid up to $1M for family lawyers and have received bills for $37,000 for one Family Court ordered report from a NSW psychiatrist. Some have lost their homes and been declared bankrupt in their unsuccessful efforts to protect their children. Would they suffer so much simply to spite their ex?

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