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Press Statement 17

Although MICHAEL WATTER is not prepared to share our page we gladly share his post just so we may make an observation or two ! His page by the way is “Help find Isabella and Bronte Watter  ” Feel free to join and TRY and share our posts on his page and see how far you actually get . In fact rather share our page FAR AND WIDE to ALL and SUNDRY as you will get NO joy from MICHAEL WATTER !!

For the past three and a half years Bronte and Isabella have been forced to live in darkness – hidden from the brightness and joy of a normal life under a blanket of lies and deceit.

Today, 21 October, is national Leave a Light On day where you can help shine a light on the plight of the missing and the family members who truely ( sic ) care for their wellbeing by sharing this post and including a picture of the light you leave on for Bronte and Isabella.

They may not see it today or tonight, but one day they will. And it will be another sign that people cared for them, and people thought that keeping two young children hidden in the darkness for so long, was so wrong.

We need to make the following observations :-

  1. MICHAEL WATTER we would truly be  interested in your definition of ” hidden from the brightness and joy of a normal life under a blanket of lies and deceit ” ?  Our unbiased interpretation ( inclusive of the facts presented by your twin daughters ) of this statement is the fact that the said blanket would not only be used to cover up the lies and deceit you so eloquently present about your twin daughters but rather to hide your own personal masturbation and that of your twin daughters whilst forcing them to masturbate YOU ! Whilst  we believe these details to be devoid of the brightness and joy of the normal life you refer to, the only lies and deceit we have come across from ALL the evidence provided in our page is in all you say , do and project !
  2. MICHAEL WATTER , we are also inclined to believe that the only light that would need to be left on for Bronte and Isabella , would be the one in your cell , when , after a RE INVESTIGATION , you are sent to jail for the rape of your twin daughters , for the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases to your children ( the same STD that you gave to your wife Cassie ) and the rape and violence perpetrated on your wife Cassie !
  3. MICHAEL WATTER , the children will , ONE DAY , see how hard good people have fought to give them and their mother a voice to combat the lies , deception and arrogance you have  presented over the years !
  4. MICHAEL WATTER , getting back to ” the brightness and joy of a normal life ” we would also enquire as to whether the said ” brightness and joy of a normal life ” encompasses the rape of one’s own children , the sharing of these little girls with your friends , and the playing with your twin daughter’s vaginas’ whilst upon the toilet ?
  5. How NORMAL and how JOYFUL would you think this is MICHAEL WATTER ? We certainly do not think this is normal as you so delightfully put it ! We actually think you are a piece of ” FILTH ” who will meet his comeuppance in the not too distant future ! Sad Hey Judge !
  6. MICHAEL WATTER , the darkness you refer to , will actually be the memories your children have of your sexual deviancy ! The darkness you attribute to your children being hidden for so long , is a darkness , that will take MANY years of counselling to counteract , once these poor children actually realise and understand the sexual perversion their so called father has exhibited !



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