Very interesting non partisan comments for MICHAEL WATTER and MALCOLM TURNBULL to read ! #FreeMissingTwins #PressStatement18


WE recently published the first police and child safety interview of one of the children raped by their father and post here for your consumption , comments passed onto us , by concerned , knowledgeable and professional individuals , which leave NO DOUBT in our minds , that a RE INVESTIGATION is desperately and urgently needed into this case ! Perhaps watch the interview first if you haven’t already done so and then read and absorb the comments .

Anonymous 1

No less than 12 professionals stated that the the girls were abused and it was ignored by the family law court.

I am beyond angry and disgusted, oh my God, children should only be interviewed with a child psychologist.

These gag orders should be made illegal.

The way the main stream media presented the fathers story is appalling.

I hope the mother and children are safe and never get found.

Perhaps one day this blatant abuse will be exposed and stamped out but they are putting people in jail for speaking out.

How are all these professionals feeling when all the evidence is ignored ? 

Anonymous 2

Horrific set up to fail.

The police interviews here are an absolute disgrace , the milk man would do a better job.

The whole interview was setup to fail from the start and would have been completely overwhelming for any adult survivor of abuse not to mention abused child/ren to be put through this !

I could see Bronte was uncomfortable , her little mind not given enough time to process each short ended question or correct questions , such an overload of short ended questioning .

I am beside myself here .

Seems the questions by the male police officer was pressuring Bronte to answer , was toward satisfying himself !

The officer should have known that paedophiles groom/ threaten children not to tell about their abuse , poor Bronte.

There should not have been a male officer present in the interview.

Bronte had no familiar,trusted advocate/support person present ??

The whole interview sounds rushed, along with short ended leading questioning directed toward being about the father, mother fighting and not liking each other.

Bronte was fidgeting = she is uncomfortable in the interview = her mind protecting itself and burying her abuse deeper.

Anonymous 3

Seven pages of issues with the interview.
No age appropriate interview techniques used.
Closed questions that should be open questions.
Cutting childs answers off.
Re asking same questions to obtain different answers incl CW caseworker question about feeling safe at daddy’s.
Then finished B’s answer off for her.
Then says because u r safe at daddy’s etc.
Stopped disclosures of not feeling safe at daddy’s.
Then asks n makes statement n does not give B time to respond.
Created own answers from B’s statement re pants.
Asking 4 questions at once at 11m mark.
12m B states she’s frightened of him and CPIU closed the question and answered because it upsets mummy etc.
10m B has to continue answering same questions.
15m11s B answers sometimes to daddy taking pants off and then putting them back on and CPIU finishes statement by claiming because sometimes they’re the only pants you have and closed question again with his entirely different answer.
18m35s B “nobody touches my tooshka, only daddy. And he presses it down. And it hurts”.
19m20s CPIU says does daddy only do it when he washes you? B says NO.
19m27s B says he does it all the time.
20m42s B told father it hurts and he father said nothing and kept wiping it.
22m37s B replies no to somebody else making her touch their penis. But answered in a more raised voice denoting not truth. Then says I am a good girl.
24m mark CW asks B if she feels safe at daddy’s. B said No.
Then CPIU says because he upsets ur mummy changing topic altogether and implying B said this because she is upset that her mum and dad fight. When in fact the question was a lot different to where he steered it to.
24m CPIU try coerce B to state good things at dads after telling her she is safe there and minimising all her disclosures or trying to trick her into different answers.
28m50s CPIU says u have right to feel safe around all people. B interjects and says NOT AROUND DADDYS. The stress her statement.
What a clusterf&%# of an interview.
Anonymous 4
I and my wife have followed this case being supporters of the Help Find Isabella and Bronte Watter page from the very beginning . No longer will this happen ! We remain on there however just to keep an eye on this man  . Having been associates/friends of the Watter family since before we even met Cassie via Michael , we were without a doubt GROOMED by the young man from the onset when the mother and her children went into hiding . We believed all that was said by him and whatever he presented to us by way of ” his ” evidence and supported him to the nth degree in all that he did . We shared all he shared on his page . We liked and commented in support of him finding his children . We swore blind he was innocent . All of this changed when we viewed the first interview and those following before it was blocked on you tube ( who by we do not know ) . As a result of those interviews we began to really study the evidence provided by the Free Missing Watter Twins page and cannot fathom why the people responsible for this case have not reopened it when there is blatant wrong doing by all concerned . As a police officer investigating the case  WHY would you not interview everybody concerned with this case . It is also our understanding that even the Poppy and Nana were not interviewed regarding the disclosures made to them ? We do believe that such blatant wrong doing will at some stage be righted and then maybe ( and we stress the word maybe ) the father will end up in jail but knowing the system as we do we believe he will get away with a reprimand as child rape is not an issue here in Townsville and appears to be common . We need a complete change in authority and need to get highly principled police officers in to replace those who are not . We will continue to pray for the mother and her children . 

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