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Have you seen Bronte and Isabella?Non-identical twins, Isabella and Bronte WATTER were seven at the time of their abduction.The girls were last seen when their father, Michael, dropped them at their Townsville school on 4 April 2014. It is believed the children were abducted by their mother, Catherine WATTER (also known as Cassie), before they reached the classroom.It has been three years since their disappearance and the girls are now 10.Michael urges the public to have community awareness and a knowledge of the people around them, and if you see anyone matching Isabella or Bronte’s description to contact #CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000. Remember, if you call #CrimeStoppers you can remain anonymous and your information is treated confidentially.The Australian Federal Police reminds the public that in some circumstances, parental child abduction is a serious crime. It is important to remember that anyone who assists a parent to abduct a child, including the ongoing concealment of that child, may face a maximum penalty of imprisonment for 7 years.Stay tuned to hear from the remaining families you saw featured as part of IMCD on 25 May.#MissingPersons #IMCD2017 #HelpBringThemHome

Posted by The National Missing Persons Coordination Centre on Sunday, May 28, 2017




I thought I would share a message received last night from one of Cassie Doubleday’s extended family – Julie Williams (see screenshots).

Julie asks “Why don’t you leave our innocent babies alone?” Then follows it up with an emphatic, “You will not win!”.

It’s obviously a pretty low act to send a message like this, and it clearly demonstrates the type of person/people they are. People whose goal is “winning”, not providing two little girls with a normal, healthy life.

You can imagine my concern at the influence these people are having on my children as they’ve grown up over the the last three years.

I say this because I don’t think Julie had ever seen Bronte and Isabella before they were abducted (I may have met her only once or twice), yet here she refers to my girls as “our babies”.

And if two babies and their mother were missing from your family for over three years – and you claimed to not have heard from them, to not know of their whereabouts, and to not know of their circumstances – would your focus be on hoping someone doesn’t “win”? Or would you be encouraging anyone looking for the girls and Cassie every success in finding them and getting them back to the stable, happy life they once had?

Thank you Julie for giving me hope my daughters are still alive, and more motivation to keep fighting for them.

Michael Watter

In response to the comments italicised above by MICHAEL WATTER we need to point out that the children are in hiding because they were being raped on a regular basis .  After numerous disclosures to many people their nightmare continued ! The mother had no choice but to run with the children . That ( in our esteemed opinion ) is what we call a “pretty low act ” . We thought we would just share this message MICHAEL WATTER so your renditions of self pity , crying and singing may be seen for what they are — lies , deception and fairy tales !

Can you imagine our concern at this fact ? Can you imagine the little girls continued nightmares ?

Can you imagine them in their “no win “situation , pleading for help from the authorities and receiving nothing other than to be placed back in the custody of their paedophile father to continue his heinous acts ?

No we cannot imagine your concern at their not being with you for the last three plus years — neither do we care ! What we can imagine and have seen is the happiness and relief in them as they no longer have to concern themselves with your perverted ways !

Unlike you , our focus remains on giving the twin girls a voice , keeping them happy and preventing them from further rape , whereas  your focus , remains totally , on projecting your lies to the world and having them returned to you to allow you to continue your deceit . In addition you want the mother jailed !

You have known all along they are still alive . We have told you so on many an occasion . 

We are still very interested in your explaining to all of us uninformed what your definition of a “stable , happy life ” for the children is ?  Our understanding of such terminology means that  incest and rape would not be inclusive ?  Nor would it include the sexual and physical abuse of their mother and the masturbation of yourself by your twin daughters ! Having you masturbate in front of the children and passing on sexually transmitted disease to your twin girls would also , surely not be part of the package ?

We are prepared to grant you an open interview to answer all of our questions and for you to present your side of the story ! Let the world decide whether you are guilty or NOT guilty ? What say you MICHAEL WATTER ? 

That way it can never be said you were not given a fair crack of the whip !

The whole world is looking at you which is what we want ! God forbid , that should the mother and children be found , there is no way in hell they will be returned to you and your perverted ways !



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