Wiki Detectives GTSMART Email Hosting Service is an Internet hosting service that operates email servers. Email hosting services usually offer premium email at a cost as opposed to advertisement-supported free email or free webmail.

Wiki Detectives pty ltd brings both consumers and businesses strong, secure and private communications. Our skilled and experienced team have been building popular web sites and services since 1999. Before starting Wiki Detectives, we developed Before GTSMART, a leading source of alternative metadata and information. Because of this, we’ve had numerous people share with us their concerns about internet communications security. We’ve been aware of most of the recent revelations for years.

Our premise is that everyone needs to be able to hear the truth so they can make a good choice for their future. If your communications isn’t secure, it could be monitored, blocked or changed without you knowing it. That’s not good for anyone.

With all the recent spying disclosures, we became concerned about the safety of our customer’s data, so we moved the company and servers to Iceland. Iceland has a good track record of doing the right thing for protecting privacy and their past behavior with the bankers and human rights. It’s a neutral country where during the height of the cold war, this is where Reagan and Gorbachev had their famous meetings. It’s a very developed country with state of the art data centers where your data is safe and under the protection of Icelandic laws. Our Icelandic director is firmly in control of any requests for data and will do everything legally possible to protect our customer’s communications.

In the future, expect many upgrades to our systems, as we stay abreast of the latest encryption and security technology and do everything we can to continue to earn your trust.

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